GLUCODOGS, INC is a charitable organization designed specifically for Type 1 Diabetics. With a projected skyrocketing of both types of diabetes anticipated in the next 15 years, the need for assistance of any kind will be of tremendous help to those afflicted with this disease – especially for for young diabetic children and their parents. Our focus is on the procurement, training, and maintenance of highly trained Medical Alert Dogs – specifically Diabetic Alert Dogs (D.A.D.s).

We currently are partnered with two dog training agencies on the east coast of the United States and will help defer the costs associated with getting and keeping a Diabetic Alert Dog (D.A.D.).

GLUCODOGS, INC is dedicated to helping Type 1 Diabetics get the assistance they need in getting a specially trained Diabetic Alert Dog (D.A.D.). We are a newly established corporation and are awaiting a finalization of a 501(c) status but will accept any donation you care to give while the process continues.

- helping dogs to help diabetics -

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